You may think opening your door to your topless girlfriend sounds awesome — but a woman who tried to surprise her man that way found herself in handcuffs instead (and not the fun fuzzy variety, either).


Mandy Ramsey, 35, got the bright idea to drive to her boyfriend’s house topless, and all was going well until cops in Marion County, Fla. tried to pull her over for speeding. Seems Mandy suddenly got shy because she hit the gas, and, well, you know how police officers feel about that.

One high-speed chase later, the would-be Lady Godiva lost control of her truck, crashed it into a tree, and took off running. But since there aren’t a lot of places for a bare-boobed woman to hide, it didn’t take long for law enforcement to find and arrest her.

The truck she totaled belonged to her boyfriend, and Mandy said she didn’t stop for police because, duh, she was trying to surprise him with a topless visit. Instead, all he got was a call from the clink and a lot of repair bills — both of which were probably a bigger surprise than Mandy planned.

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