Valentine's Day is all about romance, but it can also be about fun. If your better half has a good sense of humor, you might be able to pull off a few good pranks, here are a couple that may enjoy or even want to try.


1.  Let her know that are going to take her somewhere special on Valentine's night. Tell her the place has heart shaped hot tubs,and a fully stocked bar in the room. When the time arrives blindfold her and escort her into your house or apartment. Walk her into your bath room, take off the blind fold. She will see that you have installed jets and heart stickers in your bath tub, then in the sink you have a couple bottles of beer, a bottle or two of wine, and a bottle of vodka and whiskey in case she wants a mixed drink. If she is a good sport she will stick around, if she leaves then give her a few days to cool off.

2.  Another good one would be to propose on Valentine's Day, if she accepts tell her you can not wait and need to do it right away. So you go to a place that she thinks is a justice of the peace, but is really a friend of a friends place and the justice is not real. He gets through the whole ceremony, you say your vows and as you walk out the door he says that he is just a normal person and has no license to marry people. Happy Valentine's Day!