It feels like people care less about the weekend because they have to "social distance themselves."  Here are 10 things to do so that won't ruin your weekend.

Just because we can't be around other people doesn't mean we can't do anything!

1.  Have a virtual happy hour - You can get facetime with multiple friends through many apps.  Last weekend we had a happy hour with at least 6 other accounts.  There were about 10-12 of us together at any time.

2.  Get into nature - Take a hike.  Go fishing.  Get away from people and get some fresh air!

3.  Take a virtual museum tour - Many museums offer virtual tours.  For instance, the Buffalo Museum of Science is holding a virtual science fair right now that you can check out.

4.  Finally, start exercising - The gyms may be closed but there's nothing stopping you from taking a jog outside or doing a workout that you found on YouTube.  They are everywhere!

5.  Find one show that everyone has been talking about and finally watch it - Maybe Tiger King isn't up your alley but something else is.  You keep saying that you're going to watch that one day.  Make today the day and watch it.  Watch ALL of it so you're finally in the loop.

6.  Get takeout from a restaurant you've been wanting to try - Many of them already have curbside pickup or delivery.  You wouldn't even necessarily have to leave your house.  They need your support and you need food!  Now is the time to try it out.

7.  Try a new recipe - Your Pinterest page is full of stuff that you were scrolling by and thought, "well that sounds good!"  Now is the time to test your culinary prowess and give it a shot!

8.  Play a board game - You'd be surprised how much closer you can get to your family over a board game.  You're all stuck in the same house.  You might as well have some fun.  Pull out that game that you haven't played in years and get started.  Or better yet, learn a new game that you've never played before like poker!

9.  File or shred all that paperwork that has been piling up - Ok...I'll admit, this one doesn't sound fun but it'll feel incredible once it's done.  Even if it's not paper work, pick a job that you've been putting off and tackle it.  Been meaning to fix that hole in the wall?  Need to clean out the shed for spring?  Now is the time to knock some things off that "Honey-Do" list.

10.  Have a movie marathon - Most movies can be rented or purchased online these days.  Pick something that has a lot of sequels.  Pop some popcorn and see how many of them you can get through!


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