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'Star Trek' Plea From 'Greg On The Go'
If you're a "Trekker" like me, you probably can't wait until the next Star Trek movie, which I read was debuting in 2016. That would make it's arrival in theaters coincide with Star Trek's 50th Anniversary, as the TV show began in 1966 on NBC. So, wouldn't you think that Paramount Pictures…
William Shatner Versus Reddit – Who Ya Got?
William Shatner isn't impressed with the website Reddit, despite the fact that he has an account there. Recently, the 'Star Trek' actor has chided users who are racist, hateful, or who simply act like bullies. So, uh, no AMA anytime soon, Shat?
William Shatner Releasing New Album
William Shatner’s new album is a return to his “Star Trek” roots, featuring 19 space-themed tracks on the metal covers album. The actor’s latest musical project, “Searching For Major Tom,” will include covers of …