5 Must-Have Vodkas for a Well-Stocked Bar
People don't generally write odes to vodka, which is a shame, really. It may not be the kind of flavor-packed liquor that often leads to thoughtful sipping and dedicated worshipping. But just because it isn't full of taste (unless it's one of those terrible flavored vodkas), that doesn't mean it isn't full of possibilities for mixing and shooting.
Vodka Vending Machine
Ever think that booze should be served in vending machines? Apparently so do people in the Ukrainian city of Melitopol. Authorities are trying to find out how a Vodka Vending Machine showed up in the middle of the city. My answer: Why question it?
Boston Salvatore’s Introduces Vignola Cherry Pizza
Have you heard that October is National Pizza Month. The people of America eat around 350 slices of pizza each second, or 100 acres per day. But I bet you’ve never had a slice like this. At Boston's Salvatore's pizzeria, you'll need to show I.D. when ordering their new "Vignola Cherry Pizza ". Why you ask? These pies packed with enough alcohol to require the eater to be of legal drinking
Why Does This Vodka Cost $3,000 Per Bottle? Elit by Stolichnaya has been trying to up their vodka game with high-priced, high-class brands that have gone through more cold-filtration and aging than a cryogenics lab. Their new “Pristine” brand – priced at $3,000 a bottle – should come with a heavenly light shining on it at all times.
Crazy Vodka Flavors On The Market
Department stores and shopping malls aren't the only retailers prepared for the holiday rush. Liquor stores are stocked with lots of treats for any and all holiday parties. Keep your eye out for some pretty bizarre booze this year.