Avoid Burning Down The House
According to the National Fire Protection Association, Thanksgiving is the biggest day for home cooking fires. It's very important before we fall into our turkey coma to stay on alert to keep your house and your family safe.
I Sentence You To Thanksgiving
More creative sentencing in the news today. This time from Judge Frank Forchione inCanton,Ohio, who ordered 46-year-old Valerie Rodgers to make a Thanksgiving dinner as part of her punishment for knocking over a police officer.
Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas Inspired By Stadium Foods
Thanksgiving is traditionally a day when people come together with the ones they love to share a unified sentiment….and also eat like pigs and watch sports. If the Pilgrims and Native Americans had RVs and Qwik-Cook Grills in Plymouth, Massachusetts in the 1620s, they&CloseCurl…
The Last Thanksgiving In Iraq
Even though the official Thanksgiving here in the States is later this week, U.S. soldiers in Iraq gathered for an early Thanksgiving dinner because they are shutting down the last dining facility as they prepare to depart the country for good.

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