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Alicia Vikander Hangs Tough in New ‘Tomb Raider’ Trailer
Among this year’s collection of blockbusters is one that has the potential to truly surprise audiences: Tomb Raider, starring Alicia Vikander as the iconic eponymous video game hero — who does a little more hanging off of and jumping over things than any actual tomb raiding in the late…
Marti Noxon to Write ‘Tomb Raider’ Reboot
Until recently, the video game character Lara Croft was as well known for her bust as she was for any tomb raiding she took part in. And though her video game franchise 'Tomb Raider' was very popular and spawned two movie spin-offs, the creators were aware that it might be time to not make her such …
Top Sales for Tomb Raider
With the release of the new reboot of Tomb Raider on March 5th, many looked to see how the famous Lara Croft got her skills as a famous…tomb raider. Who knew that the game would reach record highs for the franchise?