Labor Day Is Not The Same Without Jerry Lewis [VIDEO]
As a baby boomer, I grew up with comedian Jerry Lewis and am a big fan. And for 44 years, he hosted the MDA Labor Day Telethon and raised millions of dollars for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Then in 2011, Jerry was cut loose from the telethon, and Labor Day hasn't been the same since.
Who Is Jason Mott?
Sunday nights had been pretty boring for the most part on network television, at least until ABC released their 'Resurrection' series in early March. Like many people all over the nation I got instantly hooked and set a date with my TV every weekend in order to satisfy my Resurrection fix.…
Seen 'Resurrection'?
The last time that I got into a TV show was a few years back when ABC 'resurrected' Kenneth Johnson's alien invasion story called simply 'V' standing for 'Visitors' that I grew up with as a kid in the 80's. Now, the network is on to something really interestin…
Charlie Sheen's Response
Some how, some way, Angus T. Jones will be allowed to finish his 10th filth season on “Two and Half Men”. If for some reason CBS cans him before that (which in my opinion they should) he could have a new gig with Uncle Charlie Sheen over on his FX show “An…

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