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Did Andy Kaufman Fake HIs Own Death?
I love conspiracy theories, and now a rather credible source is claiming that comedian Andy Kaufman, who died back in 1984 is alive! The urban myth about Kaufman's ultimate joke of faking his own death might be real!
Louis C.K. Gives It To Us About Social Media And Cell Phones
You know what makes comedians so funny? Because they take sad truths about life and dumb things that we all do and shroud them in humor and we all laugh at this sneaky sermon because he just got us all dead to rights. If comics make us laugh while they preach, there is no sting like there would be..…
Call Strangers [Video]
Usually when a wrong number flashes on your screen you just ignore it, right? Well, comedian Jay Larson reminds us all that actually picking up a wrong number could be a lot of fun! This'll be the best 5 minutes you spend all day...
Amanda Bynes In 1996
As introduced by 90's comedy king Arsenio Hall at the world-famous Laugh Factory Comedy Camp, Here's Amanda Bynes in 1996 at 10 years old, or as she was known back then Amanda BURNS.