Dad Has Perfect Way to Stop Kids From Checking Their Phones
If you're like the rest of the breathing population, then you are probably a slave to your smartphone.
In this clever short film called Pass the Salt, one dad decides to turn the tables on his kids, who are way too involved in their phones to pay him any mind while they share what should be a ni…
Mysterious Voice Leads Police To Baby Involved Car Crash
"Help." That's what Utah police officers heard at the scene of crash. But when they reached the overturned car in the water, all they found was a mother, who was killed in the crash, and 18 month old child. Lily Groesback was discovered hanging upside down in the backseat in 4…
BatDad [VIDEO]
Christian Bale's Batman voice is either to love or to hate and he most likely needed vocal therapy after talking like that all of the time! Either way, he's inspired many to emulate him and to poke fun at him too and this dad decided to put a unique spin on it!

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