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Mets Show Power, Hold Off Yankees
The Mets drew first blood in round-two of the 2015 subway series, muscling through Masahiro Tanaka and the Yankees with three home runs in a 5-1 decision at Citi Field on Friday night. The outcome pushed the Mets a step closer to a division title and Yankees one further.
Mets-Yankees Playoff Update
The Yankees grabbed the rubber-match of the Subway Series Part 2 this weekend, and took the overall season series 4-2 with a decisive 11-2 drubbing of the slumping Mets on Sunday night.
Stumbling Yankees Fall To Second
It seemed that after regaining first place by taking two of three from the Blue Jays last weekend, then sweeping the Twins this week, the Yankees had righted-the-ship and were gaining steam toward September.

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