What is a Black Moon
Each month we have a full moon and a new moon, but sometimes we have an exception to the rule. That exception this month is called the Black Moon.
Did You See The Blue Moon?
'Once in a blue moon' this happens. Two full moons in the same calendar month. Most years we have 12 full moons but this year we'll have 13. Now the moon isn't actually blue (although it can happen) it looked like any other full moon.
Why is it called a blue moon if it's not …
Alien Shadow On The Moon? [VIDEO]
Remember the "Face On Mars"? Now, we go one better. Apparently, NASA has a photograph that looks like an alein casting its shadow on the surface of the moon. I'm one of those space and UFO followers that can't wait to see it.
CNY Super Moon [VIDEO]
We were standing in our driveway this weekend, checking out the "Super Moon." It was quite large and vivid in the night sky over central New York, as conditions were mostly clear. The "Super Moon" happens when the moon is in closest orbit to the Earth, and another…
A Better View [VIDEO]
When Astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon 45 years ago, many of us who stayed up until two in the morning saw that first step and giant leap onto the moon's surface through snowy TV images. Apparently, TV viewers in Australia and New Zealand had better TV reception and saw much clearer …

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