Check Your Quarters, You May Be Holding Onto A Fortune
I've been through many many quarters in my lifetime.  Mostly because I'm an 80s child and I've certainly dumped my fair share of quarters into the arcades.  Hey, I had Pac Man fever just like a lot of other people.  Chances are, I had a quarter in my pocket that could b…
Strange Items You Can Buy in Oneida County on EBay [PHOTOS]
You can find pretty much anything for sale on eBay. In fact, some people ONLY shop on eBay. With the online shopping website not all items are shipped. If you are close you can always pick your items up. There are some strange things for sale in Oneida County. Maybe you would have a use for the…
Schindler's List At Auction
That's right, you could own a piece of history if you just HAPPEN to have an extra couple mil laying around. But how cool would it be to actually hold in your hand one of the 7 lists that Oskar Schindler compiled to save scores of people from certain death
Kate Upton Products On eBay
Every man on the planet is in love with Kate Upton, no question about it. A lot of men are desperate to own anything Kate. What are some of the creepiest and weirdest Kate Upton fan items you can own? eBay has a few up for grabs.
Voice Of Charlie Brown Arrested
If I said to you the name Peter Robbins you'd probably have no idea who I was talking about. If I said his character “Charlie Brown” I bet you would perk right up. However, I'm not saying his name because it's good news to report on. Robbins, who provided the orginal voice of Charlie Brown, was arre…

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