Crystal Pepsi Has Returned to Stores in Central New York
Remember Crystal Pepsi from The 1990s? Well, it has made its way back on to store shelves in Central New York, but will only be around for a limited time. We had people around the office give it a try. Many people reacted the same, thinking it was Sprite, or watered down 7-Up. No doubt the color of the retro soda had something to do with that.
Saranac's Moscow Mule
If you've ever had the classic cocktail, The Moscow Mule, than you know exactly what's in it and how it is supposed to be served. Saranac has brilliantly taken the idea behind this popular mixed drink and produced a brand new hard soda just in time for Summer. It's called 'Mule Kicker' and it's the perfect cocktail in a can.
Two Popular National Tea Brands Made in Little Falls
If you have enjoyed a hot and relaxing cup of Salada or Red Rose tea you may not know that these two brands are produced and distributed right here in Central New York. Redco Foods Inc. is located in Little Falls, NY. They are a subsidiary of Teekanne GmbH and have been producing these beverages for over 25 years.
Make Your Own Soda With Soda Stream
These type of machines have actually been around for years.  My friend had one when I was a kid and we used to pester his mother to let us have more soda.  I don't remember what it was called, but essentially it was the same idea, you were shooting Co2 into regular tap water and adding syrup to flavor it.  So what is the benefit of this thing, it is still soda, ya know?
Making Mint Juleps [VIDEO]
Can you believe it? The first leg of the "Triple Crown" of horse racing, the "Kentucky Derby" is this Saturday. My wife and I always watch the race for the pageantry of Churchill Downs and the beautiful horses. If you want to make the official drink of the Derby, a Mint Julep, here's how.
A New Breakfast Drink
Remember when Taco Bell started selling a breakfast drink that was made up of Mountain Dew and orange juice? Well it appears that Mountain Dew is messing around with juice and breakfast once again. Later this month Mountain Dew will be introducing the world to a whole new drink called Kickstart. Here’s the facts about Mountain Dew Kickstart.

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