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Don't Miss 'Uticon' At MVCC
The ‘Uticon’ comic book show is preparing to return for its 16th year of both raising funds for the American Cancer Society and celebrating the love of comic books and pop culture in the Mohawk Valley.
Study Superheroes
Looking to learn about the world of superheroes? Stan Lee is teaching a free online course called "The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture". Are you ready to go back to school?
Uticon Comic Book Show
The ‘Uticon’, Utica's comic book show is returning after a lengthy break to both raise funds for the American Cancer Society and celebrate the love of comic books and pop culture in the Mohawk Valley. Head down to the Mohawk Valley Community College’s …
New Star Wars Comic
Back in April we told you that a comic series was going to be released that put George Lucas's original unedited (and odd) Star Wars screenplay to visuals. Well that day is right upon us
Lucky Find
David Gonzalez bought a house for $10k in order to flip it and resell it, but as he was tearing down the walls, he discovered the most valuable comic in the world, the 1938 Action Comic #1 (worth more than $2 million in mint condition) introducing none other than the Man of Steel himself, Superman!
Learn Comic Book Writing Here In Utica
Did you ever want to learn how to write your own comics? If you think comics are dead think again. Look at AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. That TV show was based off a graphic novel. So if you’re looking to learn how to write them, The Munson-Wil…
Cage Selling Action Comics #1
It is the Holy Grail of comic books. Action Comics #1. When a pristine copy of Action Comics #1 goes on sale it captures the attention of comic fans world wide. The sale gets even more attention when the person selling the comic book is popular actor Nicolas Cage...