Cadbury Chocolate Banned From The US
One of the biggest imports around Easter and Christmas is Cadbury chocolate. Because of a lawsuit brought on by the Hershey chocolate company, L.B.B. (Let's Buy British Imports) agreed to stop exporting the popular British made delectable. This has many store owners furious.
Chocolate Stamps?
One of those things I know I hate doing is licking stamps. It's one of the weirdest feelings, and tastes in the world. I personally hate it. However, maybe someone should update stamp technology. The Belgian Post Office decided to enter 2013 in style, they have released over 538,000 Chocolate s…
Easter Baskets – What HAS To Go In There?
With Easter just around the corner, most kids are focused on one thing (besides being out of school for a week). It's that famous Easter Basket. Over the years, I believe, the contents of the Easter basket have become more and more extravagant...and expensive, I might add. Do they have to be…

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