cell phones

The Perfect Pooch Selfie
Don't forget about Fido when it comes to selfies. It can be a little difficulting getting them to look at you, but this product will make it much easier.
Daredevil Answers Cellphone While Walking Tightrope
Generally, we let our cellphone go to voicemail when we're busy. Not so French daredevil Trancede Melet, who actually took a call while walking a 20 meter gap suspended 1,000 feet in the air. At least he wasn't texting. That would've been crazy dangerous.
Pet Peeve – Talking On Cell Phone At The Ballgame
Grrrrrrr!  I see this enough so I felt obligated to post about it.  Have you seen these turkeys?  You're at a ballgame, you have great seats somewhere in the vicinity of behind home plate, otherwise how would your mug show up on camera during every at-bat?