Make Delicious Scrambled Eggs Easily at Work
Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Even though it is essential to get a good meal in to start the day many people feel they don't have the time. Well, if you have a few simple tools at your office, then you can make hot and fresh scrambled eggs every morning.
What Do The Numbers on Your Egg Carton Really Mean?
Any carton of eggs that you pick up in the supermarket nowadays has the word "fresh" on it somewhere. Just because it says fresh doesn't mean they really are. There is a simple way to determine the age of eggs just by looking at the numbers on the side of your egg carton.
Will McDonald's Start Serving Breakfast All Day?
The ONLY negative part about McDonald's breakfast is how early they stop serving it! Many people, especially on the weekend, are not up in time to enjoy all that goodness. Now, McDonald's has decided to try out the all-day breakfast menu in select locations.

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