Watch This Fun 7th Inning Stretch - Yankees Style
It's fun to look at how Major League Baseball teams treat the "7th inning stretch", a time when fans can get up and stretch, get rejuvenated and most importantly get back in the game. If you've never been to Yankee Stadium, here's how they do it on occasion.
7th Inning Stretch With The Baltimore Orioles
It's fun to look at 7th inning stretch songs at Major League Baseball parks. While most often, the sing-along song is "Take Me Out To The Ballgame", many teams have their own song. You'll never guess what the Baltimore Orioles fans sing along with during their stretch (un…
Washington Nationals Racing Presidents
Last week, my wife and I were in Washington, D.C., and of course a must stop was a Washington Nationals game (which they lost to St. Louis by one run). Part of the tradition at Nationals Park is the "Racing Presidents", where mascot Presidents Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Te…
Mets Matt Harvey Twitter Flap
I understand he's kinda tired of being cooped up in rehab and wants to do more than just watch Mets baseball, but the Matt Harvey drama over silliness is starting to concern me.

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