It's getting spooky on Jacob Lane.

The lights on Jacob Lane are well known in central New York. The family even appeared on Season 7 of the Great Christmas Light Fight. But they also light up their house at Halloween.

Greg and Jessica Brewster have decorated their home on Jacob Lane in Brewerton for Halloween the same amount of times as they have done the Christmas show. It's just not as well known.

Photo Credit - Greg Brewster

For the past 30 years, Greg and his family have set up a Halloween display. He and his wife have even built a few haunted houses in his parent's front yard. "As a kid growing up my parents always decorated for Halloween," said Greg. "We even have some of the decorations from my childhood."

Photo Credit - Greg Brewster

The lights on Jacob Lane are the most popular during the Christmas season. The couple turned their Christmas lights back on in March as a sign of hope and a much needed break from reality during the coronavirus pandemic. They even decorated the car out front.

Photo Credit - Lights on Jacob Lane

You can get more information and directions to the Halloween displayon the Lights on Jacob Lane's Facebook page.

Photo Credit - Greg Brewster

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