Summer camp isn't just for kids anymore. You can play like a kid and party like an adult at Camp No Counselors, an all-inclusive, weekend-long sleep-away camp for grown-ups in New York.

Escape the responsibilities of life for a weekend of childhood fun with the best of what being a grown-up has to offer, including endless land and water sports, an OPEN BAR, nightly theme parties, and all of your favorite classic camp activities.

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The adult Summer camp is located on the northeastern tip of the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. Just a two and half hour drive from Syracuse, right near the site of the historic Woodstock Concert Festival.

"This iconic property is everything you’ve ever pictured a summer camp to be. From the classic wood bunks, to the delicious camp food, to its picturesque waterfront, this property is the ultimate summer camp."

In addition to the classic summer camp activities, there's also has a heated pool, a 100 foot waterslide, a 5 part zip-line, rope courses, hiking trails and yoga.

Photo Credit - Camp No Counselors

There are two adult Summer camp weekends to choose from:


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Photo Credit - Camp No Counselors