The Barclays Center opened in Brooklyn this week. The new arena will serve as home for the Brooklyn Nets, who have moved across the Hudson River from New Jersey. The new Barclays Center has been billed as the "most high-tech stadium in sports." Does that mean an iPad at every seat? Skype in the concourse? E-mustard? Well, this video from SB Nation's Amy K. Nelson and The Verge's Nilay Patel will let you know what's up with the Nets' new arena:

Nelson and Patel spoke with the Barclays Center's Director of Technology Chip Foley to find out all of the different ways that the new arena is enhancing each fan's in-game experience. Included are mentions of The Oculus: the arena's 360-degree LED stage outside the building, free Wi-Fi with full capacity, an app that allows in-seat ordering and payment and a 1080p scoreboard that has better resolution than the TV you have in your house.

WIth Jay-Z expected to be in the building often to check out his Nets, you can't expect anything less than first-rate technology from the Barclays Center, but, really Hova, get on that e-mustard.

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