It's not every day you spot a parakeet out in the wild of Central New York.

On a post on the Syracuse Reddit, one poster is asking if anyone is missing a small pet:

Seems like we're getting a real 'Florida' vibe at the bird feeder for the past couple days. Anyone missing a bird in the Meadowbrook area?

Parakeets are not found in the wild here in Central New York. They are typically found wild throughout the drier parts of Australia. These birds have survived harsh inland conditions for over five million years.

You might thing this bird is happy flying around Syracuse on it's own, but it's likely not going to survive for too long. Parakeets that are kept as pets are domesticated and not suited for life in the wild.

Though bird owners may mistakenly believe their birds will enjoy fresh air or the sounds of other birds on the patio, leaving your parakeet unattended outside is extremely dangerous."

Parakeets are tropical birds, they aren't built to survive the harsh weather that can be dished out in Syracuse. Many areas in the U.S. are too cold throughout most of the year for parakeets to be left outside.

We hope this little buddy finds his owner soon.

I haven't seen any manatees in the Erie Canal yet but I'm keeping my eyes peeled."

If you know the owner, and need more info, you can find the post on Reddit here.

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One More Parakeet Fact

Parakeets do not make nests. Instead, they like to nest in hollow cavities of trees like the eucalyptus tree. This little bird is probably enjoying the trees in CNY, but won't be able to survive for every in our area.

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