Now more than ever knowing where your food comes from seems to be something to think about.  Not to mention the crowds at the grocery store and often limited selections. Madison Country's Cornell Cooperative Extension has created a program putting you in touch with locally grown foods and products all with curbside pickup.

Farmers who sell directly to consumers are part of the program and the growing list of participants has already reached 19.  Here's how it works; you contact the farmer, place your order, and make payment arrangements. The farmer then delivers your order to the prearranged location. Currently, the location is CCE's offices at 100 Eaton Street in Morrisville.

There are some CDC Guidelines involved that may make it feel like you're part of an undercover operation:

  • The seller and the buyer should clean/sanitize their hands prior to the exchange
    The seller should obtain a description of buyers vehicle or other identifying information
    When the buyer arrives at the Exchange Points, they remain in their vehicle parked at least 6 feet away from the seller.
    The seller then places the buyers purchases at the curb and maintains a distance of at least 6 feet from the products and the buyer.
    Once the buyer has their products, all involved should clean/sanitize hands immediately

A complete list of participating farms and businesses along with their products and contact information are available at CCE's website. If you have questions or are a farmer who would like to be part of the program, contact Myron Thurston III, Agricultural Economic Development and Marketing Specialist at 315-684-3001 ext. 126, or email:;


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