The Little Falls City School District will go 100-percent virtual due to COVID-19 beginning after Thanksgiving break, on November 30th.  The school will continue with a virtual learning model until January 4th, when students return from Christmas beak.

Superintendent Keith Levatino confirmed the move with WIBX on Tuesday. Levatino reported to media on Tuesday that the move was due to the spread of COVID-19 increases in the region. Herkimer County currently has over 100 active COVID cases, which is a significant increase over the last several days. There were 19 new positive cases in the county on Tuesday.

Levatino will speak with WIBX's Keeler Show on Wednesday morning at 7:15 a.m. to discuss the plan going forward.

Students 8-12 have been totally virtual since the start of the school year, while students K-7 have been instructed through the hybrid model.


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