Kiss' biggest chart hit, 'Beth,' has been re-imagined as a '70s-style dramedy in a hilarious video complete with actors playing the role of Peter Criss and a nagging wife imploring him to leave a recording session -- because dinner is getting cold and the kids are driving her crazy.

The video, which was produced by a group called Anonymous Content and posted to Vimeo, begins with the disclaimer, "This is the historically inaccurate tale of the song's inspiration."

The clip begins as Criss is called to a control room telephone, while the remaining members of Kiss mill about behind him in the studio. "It's Beth," the woman says, "and I'm just wondering when you are going to be home -- because I'm making meatloaf."

The Criss character then repeats the song's familiar lyrics about being unable to come home right now because they just can't find the sound for this particular track. "Well, do you think you can look a little bit harder for your sound?" the Beth character queries, checking on the meatloaf in a '70s-era kitchen. "Just kidding. What do you think then, 6:30?"

Naturally, Criss replies, "Just a few more hours, and I'll be right home to you,"  as his band mates begin to grow restless. Next, of course, the boys start calling him.

"Who was that?" Beth demands. "Ace? That's typical Ace."

Criss then insists that he understands how she feels, but that he and the boys -- no surprise -- will be playing all night. "Beth, what can I do?" he asks finally.

"Well," she replies -- in an answer that will ring true for anyone who's stayed out too late with his friends -- "you could finish the damn song and come home."

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