Well, this isn't something you see everyday. A set piece from an exhibit inside the old Utica Children's Museum has appeared on Facebook Marketplace:


Charles Bateman on Facebook Marketplace
Charles Bateman on Facebook Marketplace

Here's what the description says:

This is the saloon from the Utica childrens museum before they moved. Hemlock. Very heavy... bring help and sturdy trailer. You must disassemble $500 whiskey barrels and dummy are not included

Charles Bateman
Charles Bateman

I honestly can't say I remember this piece from the museum, but then again, it's been years since I've been there. Lord knows if that scary mannequin were a part of it, it probably would've left a more lasting impression on me.

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The old Children's Museum on Main Street in Baggs Square closed in March of 2020 after it was announced a new building would be constructed. Before it closed, it was one of the oldest children's museums in the country, opening in 1963 in the basement of the Utica Public Library. It's relocated several times over the years, and hopes to find its permanent home in the brand new Parkway building.


Integrated Community Alternatives Network (ICAN) is responsible for building the new Utica Children's Museum, which will be located at 106 Memorial Parkway. The new two-story structure will feature a rotunda 4,000 square feet in size that will serve as a welcome center. It's anticipated to be finished sometime in the first quarter of 2024. The total cost of the project is estimated to be $14 million.

You can check out the original listing for the saloon here. 

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