If a spy balloon were to float over the Capital Region, here's what it would see.

According to CNN, that Chinese spy balloon that was shot down last week over South Carolina "...was operating with electronic surveillance technology capable of monitoring US communications."  So basically, they weren't trying to listen in on your Grandma to steal her secret casserole recipes.

Now if that balloon had flown over the Capital Region, I do not know what type of communications it would have picked up, but I can speculate it would have seen some of you out there taking part in a little target practice along with the 11 Capital Region landmarks listed below.

Here's What A Spy Balloon Would See Over The Capital Region

The Chinese spy balloon has been all over the news, and while its mission was most likely not an effort to learn about United States geography and landmarks, if it had flown over the Capital Region it would have gotten these birdseye views of Capital Region, courtesy of Google Maps.