Since the 22nd century BC, or thereabout, laws have been created by the few, and laws have been followed by the many.

Every single day, we wake up, and have to follow a set of laws in order to make it through our day and get to the next one. Most of these make sense: don't kill people, don't steal things, don't run red lights. Those are the laws we know, we understand, and for the most part, we all abide by.

Buried deep in the pages of law books in New York, however, are the laws that we do not know. These strange, insane rules were written centuries ago, and likely had some significance to society at the time.

But now? They mean nothing, and yet, we may actually be on the hook for following them.

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Ranker Lists New York's Craziest Laws That Somehow Still Exist

The list-generating website Ranker broke down New York's strangest, most insane state laws that were written throughout history, and technically, could still be enforced today. These laws cover a range of topics: elevator etiquette, clothing choice, noisy eating and more.

We've put together two lists in the past (Weird Laws I, Weird Laws II) that you can click the links to see, or scroll to see below. So, we're affectionately naming this list New York's Weird Laws III. Hopefully, this sequel will be even better than the first two editions of this series.

Without any further ado, here are ten more of the strangest laws found in New York, that we're pretty sure you can't get arrested for, but cannot completely confirm.

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