So recently I had one of those "blast from the past" type of moments that caught me completely off guard. Not only was I caught off guard but it also made me feel incredibly old. An online auction was held this past weekend and this auction had a legitimate piece of history up for sale. What was it? Well it was a 1st generation iphone and this Iphone sold for quite the impressive price.

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First Generation iPhone Sold at Auction

Not only was this iphone an original first generation iphone, but it was a perfectly preserved 1st gen iphone. This thing was still in box, never opened and sealed inside a plastic bag. The original iphone debuted back in 2007 and was viewed as a technological breakthrough. Now that same original iphone is looked at as a revolutionary piece of technology that has inspired newer and more powerful devices that we use today.

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Original iPhone Debuts and Comparison to iPhone Now

Originally when the iphone debuted, it was sold at stores for $599. This perfectly preserved iphone 1 sold at auction for more than 100 times its original value. The final selling price at this auction for this phone was a reported $63,000. The original iphone featured a...

3.5-inch screen with a two-megapixel camera, plus four or eight gigabyte storage option, It also offered internet capabilities and iTunes, it ran on a 2G network and was exclusive to ATT's network.

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By the way, it had no access to the 'App Store' because 'App Store' didn't even exist yet. App Store would debut a year later in 2008. One last thing, the latest generation iphone, the iphone 14 in its base model with none of the fancy attachments will cost at least $799.

So Many Things Have Changed in Such a Short Time

The sale of this iphone had me thinking about how much things have changed just from 2007 to now. I remember being in 8th grade thinking that the iphone was one of the coolest things I'd ever seen. Now by today's standards, my phone, your phone all of our phones put the original iphone to shame, in every aspect. I used to think 8 gigabyte storage was a lot of space, now I carry around an iphone 10 generations older and have maxed out my 64 gigabytes of space. Now I have one pants pocket dedicated to just my phone; in 2007 I had room in a pocket for my phone and at least a pack of gum.

Google Maps Returns To Apple's iPhone
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Seeing this made me also think about how much other things have changed. For instance in 2007, the average cost of a new house was between 250,00-300,000 dollars. Now the most recent data from 2022 shows the average price of a home now sits between 500,000-550,000 dollars.

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Here's another popular topic as of late, the price of eggs. Thanks to recent 'Eggflation' the price of a dozen eggs has skyrocketed by 57% in New York, ranging between $3.99  and $10.00. In 2007, the average price of eggs was $1.06, which by the way that was new price after inflation BACK THEN. Before that, a dozen eggs was valued at 88 cents.

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Sadly, with other comparisons this trend across the board holds true. All the things we use on a daily basis today, new technology, everything is by far more expensive now than it was in 2007. 2007 was also a very interesting year for finances as the nation was in the middle of an economic collapse. Ironically, but maybe not surprisingly our current economy has also experienced great ebbs and flows in recent years due to numerous outstanding factors. It's always interesting how one way or another, history ends up repeating itself.

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