A fourth candidate has now entered the race for Utica Mayor, and there may be more to come.

Current Utica Common Council President Michael Galime officially threw his hat in the ring on Friday's Keeler in the Morning Show on WIBX 950.

Saying he believes he is the proper person for the position, Galime said he intends to seek the Republican party nomination for mayor. It is expected Galime - now completing his second term as Council President - will face Robert Cardillo in a GOP primary.

"It's time to have a different style of leadership in Utica. We need people to move forward together, but in a way where we can take the last decade of progress...and move forward into the future while knitting the fabric our community back together," Galime said in a YouTube video that he released is conjunction with his appearance on the Keeler Show.

Watch his video below:

Cardillo, who currently serves on the Utica City School District Board of Education,  announced his plan to run for mayor back in November.

Galime becomes the third city official to announce candidacy for mayor in the past week, the other two are Democrats. Utica Councilwoman Celeste Friend entered the race with announcement last Saturday, while fellow Councilman Frank DiBrango officially announced his candidacy earlier this week. It is expected Friend and DiBrango will be involved in a primary election for the Democrat line.

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