One viral post online claims that drinking soda on a date is a major turn off. Is there any truth to that while out on dates in Central New York?

Drinking Soda Is A Turn Off

One post on Reddit from 2021 is going viral in 2024 for mentioning that drinking soda on a date is a major turn off:

"went on a date with a guy the other night at a pretty nice restaurant. i ordered water, he ordered coke. through the evening he drank 3 or 4 full sized glasses of coke. i ghosted afterwards. idk it’s just gross. like grow up"

This woman ghosted her date over soda.

Tiffany Riker: "That sounds a little too judgemental.. maybe he was nervous?! I'm sure you're far too perfect for him.... definetly your loss."

Central New Yorkers Share Their Thoughts

We asked the question on social media, and got a mixed bag of opinions:

Yesenia Corchado Rivera: "If she is turned off by that I cannot imagine if she ever gets into a truly serious relationship, she's going to be in for a terrible surprise."

Dolores R. Klippel: "I would rather have a date drink that much soda, then alcohol then drive."

Allison America: "Disagree, but it also depends. I want someone who takes care of their body. But 3 soft drinks while out to dinner isn't a deal breaker. With that said if your diet is to the point where it's jeopardizing your health, then maybe we're not the best fit."

Katrina Rockwood Jellencich: "This is funny. So petty. I think you will be single for life. I bet if he orders that many beers it would be ok."

Do People Drink Sodas On Date?

One website called ATRL held a pole of over 200 people on this topic. The question was "is drinking soda a turn-off when dating?" Out of a survey of over 202 people, 86% said NO it is not a turn off.

Those that said no have said the following:

"Having it every now and then is fine. But too many people are chugging 2 liters of it everyday, now that's an instant no."

"In a date I don’t care, I avoid coke but do it every now and then. If a person does it all the time it could be a red flag. Because if you are in a ltr and they don’t take care of themselves your life can become hell or destroy a relationship"

Is It Really A Big Deal?

We ask you Central New York- Is drinking soda on a date really a big deal? Let us know when you text us on our station app.

Donna J Ciufo: "Hell no. I drink soda. I drink coffee. On a warm day going out I may have 4 sodas. I hate water and don't drink alcohol. I would rather see him drink 4 non diet sodas than 4 sodas, beers, wine, liquor, or even water. I think this woman needs to grow up. For some people too much water is not good."

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