Did you ever wonder where New York State's least populated town and city is? It's North East of Utica, and home to 25 people.

There are plenty of well known small charming towns and cities in New York State, but along with that, there are plenty you may have never heard of. Some of these towns and cities are home to fewer than 250 people, some cases less than 100 people, and even in extreme cases less than 50 people.

It's been debated since 2010, where in New York can you find the smallest populated town or city. Numerous towns and cities have held the title as populations have shifted. We reported back in March of 2023 that the smallest village in New York state is in Dering Harbor. The Suffolk County village is home to only 11 people. Even since then, we have new data to report on.

New York Demographics by Cubit uses the most current income statistics from the US Census Bureau for zip codes/ZCTAS are the American Community Survey’s 2021 5-year estimates. They just released a list New York Cities by Population:

Below are the 1,523 New York cities sorted by population from largest to smallest. The population data are from the 2021 American Community Survey."

Who Did They Pick As The Smallest Town Or City In New York?


Coming in at 1,523 place, Morehouse New York has a population of 25 people. For those that don't know, Morehouse is located in the southwestern corner of the Adirondack Mountains. Morehouse may be the smallest township in all of Hamilton County, and New York State, but they call it a hidden gem.

Living or visiting in Morehouse affords everyone the luxury of a serene and peaceful community surrounded by beautiful mountains and streams. The popular West Canada Creek and nearby lakes provide ample fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing and camping activities in the summer. Hunting for turkey, bear or deer will keep you busy in the spring and fall months. Winter months bring a flurry of activity with snowmobiling, cross country skiing and snow shoeing."

The town of Morehouse is a quiet community, and you can learn more about them online here.

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