Though it was poor luck, you still have to follow the rules. Regardless of how much it hurts your soul.

With hunting season in full swing in New York State, plenty of hunters have been sharing their stories of their takes this year. It's all fun and games, until the DEC is sharing yours for a bad reason.

White-Tailed Deer Buck

DEC Environmental Conservation Officer (ECO) Hull recently received a tip of a hunter who had taken two bucks within the span of two days. The anonymous tipper provided pictures of both a 6-point and 10-point buck to the officer.

With only pictures and a first name, Officer Hull made calls around all Oneida County. He was finally able to put his finger on one address in Utica. The hunter originally denied shooting the second buck, until he eventually gave in and fessed up.

Large white-tailed deer buck in an open meadow in Smoky Mountain National Park

According to the DEC, the hunter grabbed the 6-pointer the first day. On his second day out, he saw the 10-pointer and couldn't let the opportunity slide. This is where he knowingly made the wrong choice.

Regardless of your luck hunting, you aren't allowed to take more than one buck during the season. You are allowed to accompany other hunters after you shoot your first, as long as they have their tag, you have your license and you don't attempt to shoot another deer.

The hunter not only admitted to shooting the second buck, but he says he then drove it home and hid it in his shed out back. The officer took the deer and the hunter was ticketed for illegally taking wildlife, taking over the limit of deer, and illegal possession of wildlife.

Credit - NYS DEC
Credit - NYS DEC

Luckily, the DEC didn't let the buck go to waste. The meat was donated to a local food pantry, helping feed those in need in the community.

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