If you happen to have any special memories from the past, you could be featured in this upcoming documentary.

What we love about documentaries is how they take core memories from our past and help us learn even more about them. If you can remember going to this well-known farm in the Catskills growing up, then your childhood will be made with this latest project.

The Old Game Farm - Credit - The Site of the Former Catskill Game Farm via Facebook
The Old Game Farm - The Site of the Former Catskill Game Farm via Facebook

Catskill Game Farm Documentary

Jed Root (Planeville, New York) recently announced he's partnering with a production company to create a documentary on the historic Catskill Game Farm. What was considered the "largest tourist in attraction in the Catskills for over 70 years", is now up for sale by it's current owner.

Sidney Blauner bought the 193 acre property back in 2020 in hopes of revitalizing the farm. Though it has seen over 10 million visitors in it's lifetime, a lot of work has to be done to get it back to what it once was.

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Root recently posted on Facebook, asking the community for their help in the documentary. He's looking to find any former employees of the Game Farm, or anyone that is a surviving family member. Jed would love to hear your recollections and see any photos or videos you'd like to share.

Credit - Jed Root via Facebook
Credit - Jed Root via Facebook

The same invitation has been extended to anybody else who might still own photos or home videos from the farm.

The Catskill Game Farm was the first private zoo in America. Please help me to preserve this unique part of our local history!

You can message or connect with Jed via his Facebook, if you have any questions or suggestions.

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