Peter Gabriel has released another song from his upcoming album, i/o. You can listen to "Four Kinds of Horses" below.

The track was produced by Gabriel and Richard Russell. "He’s a friend (and founder of XL Records), and he asked me to pop into his studio," Gabriel explained in a press release. "I came up with some chords, melodies and words on top of a groove he was working on. We tried a few things that didn't altogether work and so it lay dormant for quite a while. Then I started playing around with it again and changed the mood and the groove and something else began to emerge with a better chorus."

"Four Kinds of Horses" features Gabriel's daughter Melanie singing backing vocals — "another lovely moment for a dad" – plus Brian Eno on synths, which Gabriel described as sounding like "electric worms."

"As soon as I heard one," Gabriel noted, "I thought they would make a great three-dimensional wallpaper of sound and asked Brian to create 11 more."

As with the previous four tracks from i/o, Gabriel is releasing both a "Dark-Side" and a "Bright-Side" mix of "Four Kinds of Horses." The below version of the song is the "Bright Side"; the other version will be released later this month.

Gabriel has been releasing songs from the new album - which still doesn't have a release date - during 2023's full moons. He's scheduled to launch a worldwide tour in a few weeks, with North American dates beginning in September.

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