The feud between Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain has taken another turn as Schon responds to reports that original keyboardist Gregg Rolie won't return for Journey’s 50th-anniversary tour.

The road trip begins on Jan. 27 with Schon and Cain engaged in several legal battles against each other. Schon previously confirmed Rolie’s return, while Cain insisted that he’d remain with the group despite their issues. Reports that Rolie won't be taking part were based on a subsequent comment by Schon himself, who’d been asked if the former member “won’t be on tour now” and replied, “Not at this moment. Both Gregg and I intend to shed some real light on the subject matter very soon.”

When that quote was shared by multiple news outlets, Schon wrote, “This is going out to all media of all your postings today that Gregg Rolie is out. False – where would you get this information? Ex-managers? PR stunt again.” He separately appeared to blame Cain for the story, saying, “I don’t belong to the dictatorship of JC.”

He also tweeted, “Please stop with these fake blogs and statements. … This is BS – Neal Schon Confirms Gregg Rolie Won’t Be Joining Journey 'At This Moment.'” When a fan suggested that “so many people” were “trying to sabotage Journey,” Schon said some “desperately don’t want a great 50th.”

Schon said he and Rolie will “have a chance to talk” about the situation “very soon” and that they’d be appearing together in interviews. “Obviously this means more to me than anyone else right now,” he said of the Journey's milestone. “50 years of playing every show and record[ing] every album and [co-writing] many great songs … honor it!”

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