A YouTube user named Dae Lims has used artificial intelligence to reimagine solo material by John Lennon and Paul McCartney as Beatles songs.

The AI-recreated version of “New,” the title track from McCartney’s 2013 album, mixes further vocal harmonies into the song and notably adds portions of the tune that sound as if Lennon is singing. McCartney’s vocals also sound spryer than on the original, more reflective of his younger voice during his Beatles days.

The changes are even more noticeable on the AI-recreated version of Lennon’s “Grow Old With Me.” The original was recorded by the iconic singer as a demo in 1980, and was posthumously released on the 1984 album Milk and Honey. The AI version adds more depth to the tune, with broader vocal harmonies and a fuller instrumental arrangement, reminiscent of classic Beatles tracks.

Hear the AI generated versions of “New” and “Grow Old With Me” below.

Though Dae Lims gives very little information as to the process creating these tracks, the user’s profile does say “Nothing is real,” quoting a famous line from the Beatles 1967 hit “Strawberry Fields Forever.”

Indeed, in the constantly evolving world of AI, nothing does seem real. The technology has quickly become a hot-button topic in the music industry, with some artists advocating for further government regulation of AI-generated music, while others endorse the carte blanche reuse of their vocals on AI songs. Last week, an anonymous music producer released the song “Heart on My Sleeve,” with vocals ostensibly sung by rapper Drake and pop singer The Weeknd. It became a viral hit before being taken down from streaming sites, as the AI-generated song did not have the approval of either artists, nor their respective record labels.

Listen to the AI Version of 'New'

Listen to the AI Version of 'Grow Old With Me'

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