As we wait for spring to officially arrive in New York State, the winter is dragging on! The snow and freezing rain seem to keep making a comeback. But soon we will be walking out dogs outside without having to deal with mud or snow or freezing cold!

The price of things has gotten a little out of hand lately. Eggs get the most attention when it comes to outrageous prices. However, just about everything is more expensive these days.

What is happening with the pet food supply these days? Actually, it seems as if pet food and pet related products costs more, it you can find them. I took a walk through a local store and the shelves were being picked over in the pet section.

Cat Food Aisle

The cat and dog food seems to be hard to find. It was just a few weeks ago that there was a dog food recall in the United States and perhaps that has something to do with the lack of supply?

We all lived through the days of the COVID-19 pandemic when supply chains and shipping made things very hard to find. It seems these days we are less angry about things being out of stock or unavailable.

Yet, it is still very frustrating when you are on a shopping mission and you don't see what you need!

Dog food shelves

The spring and summer will be here shortly and I cant wait to have the dogs go in and out and not have to worry about muddy paws! We can also hope that saying goodbye to winter will help bring back full supply!


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