Seems like this is getting ridiculous, right? The prices are going up due to 'inflation' all over the United States. Walmart apparently is no exception. I was looking to get one box of pasta and I almost fell off my chair. So, I looked for a different one. All of the pasta prices at Walmart online are ridiculous and outrageous. Look how expensive this pasta is at Walmart.

And no. It is not a glitch.

I would say I am just going to drink water and eat eggs and bread for the rest of my life because everything is so expensive, but even the egg prices are crazy.


For PASTA lol What the...

I thought maybe its a glitch but, apparently not. I don't know what New World Pasta Is, but if you feel like paying another mortgage, you can have some fancy NOODLES. Take a look at some of the prices I saw this morning.

What is something else that is outrageously priced in the stores right now?

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