It's June and this should be the time of the year that everyone is itching to be outside. Even if it's just to run errands or eat on a patio, being outside once the weather gets warmer is something we all want to do.

Unfortunately, hardly anyone wants to be outside anywhere in New York state.

That's because of the Canadian wildfire smoke that has infiltrated the air in Western, Central, Upstate and Downstate New York since Monday. Tuesday was poor air quality but Wednesday morning has been even worse.

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You can smell the smoke outside. It almost feels like you're across the street from someone having a bonfire. There is also tiny particles of ash falling from the sky, which is the case in the City of Buffalo on Wednesday morning.

This from Patrick Hammer.

The good news is that Wednesday morning is the worst of it, for those in Western and Central New York. This is when the wildfire smoke will be the most dense, as evidence by the map.

The air quality is unhealthy and the NYSDEC is recommending people don't spend any significant time outdoors because of that air. Those with poor respiratory should absolutely avoid or limit time being outdoors until this smoke clears the area.

The Air Quality Health Advisory is still in effect, according to the National Weather Service.

Hopefully, things improve on Thursday and we can get back to normal by the weekend. It's best to alter your outdoor activity plans on Wednesday.

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