Doug Pensinger/Getty Images
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Mark Sanchez has received a lot of bad publicity so far this season. Jets fans have turned blue in the face trying to argue the fact he may not be the quarterback we need to win. Yours truly has posted several stories arguing why Sanchez needs to bee off the team. Could Week 7 be a make it or break it week for Mark Sanchez? Here's our Week 7 New York Jets vs New England Patriots game preview.

Week one looked like a preview to an amazing season for Jets fans. I guess shame on us for getting excited over a victory beating out The Bills. Sanchez passed for 266 yards with three touchdowns and only one interception. It was a beautiful game. Even playing Tim Tebow in and out of plays worked very well for us. Then, it went all down hill from there.

Then, Sanchez went on a four-game bender, completing just 58-of-132 passes (44 percent) for 777 yards with three touchdowns and five interceptions. All the while, Tim Tebow has been waiting in the wings, with fans chanting "Teee-Bow!" and the media stirring the pot on a weekly basis.”

Going into Week 7 with a record of 3-3 isn't that bad considering the team we are facing, The Patriots, have an identical record. This is such a big game for many reasons:

“not only will the Jets have a one-game lead in their division over their rivals, but this team will have a perfect 3-0 record in the AFC East. Such a start to the season would give the Jets a huge leg up over the Pats and the Miami Dolphins—both of which would have a loss to the Jets.”

I know if Sanchez beat Tom Brady at Gillette Stadium I'd shut my mouth. It's up to Sanchez though, not me.


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