The global pandemic has affected all of us in various ways--especially the changes we've had to make about how we work in Central New York and beyond.

Since many of us are now working at home, we're trying to maintain regular schedules, so we can accomplish our job tasks while dressed in our pajamas. Also, we're wrestling with the temptations associated with overeating and drinking during the day, while we're supposed to be working. A new survey from discovers how much drinking--on a state by state basis--folks are doing these days while "on the job" from home.

38% of residents in the great state of New York admit to boozing from home during work hours. It's the same number as folks in California, Pennsylvania, and Colorado, whose denizens also have legal marijuana. That 38% falls in the middle of the survey.

Floridians and Texans were on the lower end at 22% each.

People in Hawaii (67%) are doing the most drinking "on the clock" right now. Surprisingly perhaps, day drinking is happening the least in Arkansas, where only 8% of people say they've done it.

Here's an interactive map from where you can see every state's drinking percentage.

For more information on alcohol consumption and alcoholism, head to the website.

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