The first upstate county to confirm a positive coronavirus case gave its first press conference on Friday since confirmation of a case back on March 12th.

Herkimer County Legislature Chairman Vincent Bono said the county has two positive confirmed cases, and they're waiting on 30 responses from tests already given. Meanwhile, eight people are under mandatory quarantine and 140 people are under a voluntary quarantine.

"Anyone feeling ill should contact their primary physician and get recommendations from them, said Bono.  "Observe clean practices, wash your hands, stay away from crowds. Stay home when you're feeling ill, he added"

Bono said he is monitoring the situation through daily meetings with 911, the health department and his department heads. "We have those meetings at 10 o'clock every day," he added.

Bono confirmed the problems they're facing with a lack of supplies. "Definitely a lack of supplies in testing including gloves, and masks. Sanitizer and test kits are almost impossible to find," he said.  "Another concern we have, is the economic impact this is going to have on our county. We don't have a crystal ball and we don't know if this is going to last 2 months or 2 years," said Bono.

Bono also announced the closing of certain departments including the Department of Motor Vehicles, effective on Monday.


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