Okay, yesterday cicada ice cream, today grasshopper tacos.  What will it be tomorrow, chocolate covered ants?  Oh wait, those do exist.  Where are these knuckleheads coming from and what ever possessed them to try such a thing?  Is there a beef or chicken shortage all of a sudden?  "Hey Steve, we're out of beef, what can we use to make these tacos?"  "Oh, I know, let's take these bugs from the garden, kill them, dry them out and put them in the tacos, it's close to the same thing, right?"  


San Franciscans with a hankering for grasshopper tacos will have to learn how to make them at home after the city’s health department forced a popular restaurant to take them off the menu.

KGO-TV reports that officials have told the owner of the Mission Street Mexican, Harry Persaud, that he can’t sell any food containing the insect ingredient because he imports them from Mexico and the supplier is not FDA approved.

A native of Oaxaca, Mexico, Persaud counters that "they're eaten on every street corner in Oaxaca, they're sold in all the markets and they've been doing that for decades.”

A hit among adventurous customers that has drawn much attention to Persaud’s eatery, he is eager to get them back on the menu. Unfortunately for him, neither he nor the health department knows of any federally-approved sources for the bugs.

Persaud tells the news outlet that he may consider growing them himself.

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