It's amazing what can happen when a group of people comes together for a common goal.

Every year, members of Heron Creek Golf Course in Clinton, New York, raise money for the Feed our Vets campaign during the golfing season, which wasn't very long this year. Money from skins, tournaments, 50/50, or any other event is often given back to the fund.

Despite the short golf season, the generosity of all the course members helped raise $5,200 this year, more than doubling what was brought during the 2020 golf season.

The money doesn't get lumped in with another fund. It's used to help individual veterans in Central New York. Golf club member Billy Yount meets with Sitrins Military Rehab and the New Hartford American Legion to hand-select post 9/11 veterans who need help the most. "Around the holidays I meet with each vet and their families to find out what they might need," said Yount.

In 2020 five vets received a little boost to get back on their feet. Three received help during the holidays.

  • One gentleman had his car payment covered for a month. He was also given a little extra money to get his son some Christmas gifts.
  • One gentleman had his rent covered for a month.
  • One gentleman had both his rent and car payment covered for a month.

In the Spring, the leftover donations were given to two veterans who were both struggling with the current employment issues from the coronavirus pandemic. A month's car payment for each was paid as well as items they needed like groceries and clothing. "These vets and their families are most appreciative and humbled by our efforts," said golf course owner Carrie Cook.

I couldn't be more proud to belong to a course where the members are always willing to help. Whether it's cleaning up after a flood or raising money for the kids at St Jude, the Humane Society animals, or the veterans in Central New York, Heron Creekers are the first to pitch in.

"We can’t thank everyone enough for representing Heron Creek and helping us make the lives of a few people feel a little better this year," said Cook.

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