The comments that appear under YouTube videos might seem like the random ramblings of a coked-up kindergartner, but it takes a good chunk of time and care to craft the perfect expression of disapproval. If you don’t the quick wit, or you just want to be a jerk ASAP, a new Internet generator can help cut some corners.

The YouTube Insult Generator creates the perfect comeback to any situation based on a single word or phrase. Just type in a keyword and the generator spits out any number of relevant and occasionally clever quips for you to post.

We decided to take it for a test drive and see the insults it could create based on some of our favorite words and topics. It didn’t disappoint. Here are some of our favorites:

Beer: “You are non alcoholic.”

Bacon: “You are a disgrace to the human race.”

Playboy: “You found your grandma in the magazines.”

Ferrari: “You own Chevy Cavaliers.”

Fart: “You are not American”

Hours of fun. Minutes of useable insults.

[Via YouTube Insult Generator]