There's never a good time for food recalls.  But the timing of this one could spoil St. Patrick's Day dinner plans in Utica and Rome. The USDA is behind the recall of nearly three-hundred thousand pounds of Ready to Eat Corned Beef products.

The company behind the recall sounds more like a candy company than a corned beef facility, Milky Way International Trading Corporation is doing business as MW Polar in California. Several varieties of Ox and Palm Corned Beef and Sita in an assortment of sizes are under the recall.

While no reported illnesses have reached the desk of the USDA, the products in question were imported without review from the Food Safety and Inspection Service. The canned corned beef were imported between June 6, 2020 and January 21, 2021. The products have “Australia Inspected” number “39” on the packaging and were shipped to retail locations nationwide. A simple Google search shows, Walmart as one seller in the Utica-Rome area.

Here are the products involved in the recall:

Ready to Eat Corned Beef Recall


The product cans are labeled with various “Best Before” dates and the product cases are labeled with differing shipping marks. The full list of affected codes can be found at the USDA's website. If you have purchased any of these products the USDA suggests not eating them. Either throw them away or returned to the place of purchase.

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