Although it may seem that Bungie updated just about everything under the sun with Destiny's new 2GB update this week, one of the most important things that it updated was how Strikes work.

Strikes were originally designed to be three-person Fireteam missions, but Bungie has found that people are oftentimes choosing to solo the mission instead. The reason they're choosing this solo path is because of "unintentional damage scaling." Bungie explained this by saying, "The larger the Fireteam, the more damage an enemy shot would inflict upon its members." This, in theory, means instead of being able to withstand five shots from an enemy when playing alone, players were only able to withstand two or three shots.

Because of this, Bungie decided to make a few changes so that it would be more worthwhile to play in a group, like Designer James Tsai originally intended. The first thing to go was the amount of damage enemies were dealing to players based on team sizes. It took off some of the overall damage as well as the scaling damage so that players could, "be certain that people joining their team are helping their progress, not hindering it." This admittedly makes playing Strikes alone harder, but that was Tsai's original idea all along. Despite this, Bungie is still looking at ways to solve this problem for players who only want to solo grind the game.

You can play Destiny now on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.