In the internet age where pictures of topless of-age girls are abundant and free, would you pay $2 million at auction to own a PAINTING of BEA ARTHUR, at 69 years old... NAKED?!?Now keep in mind that she didn't even pose for this portrait, it's just artist John Currin's concept painting from back in 1991!! Apparently it's part of a series called 'acrid fantasy portraits of menopausal women'... You mean there's MORE??

So we're paying $2 million for a portrait that she didn't even pose for when she was nowhere near her prime? In other words, it's not even HER really. Unless she actually sat for this painting, I find it not to be worth even $20 rather than the millions the auctioneers are asking for. I mean, she's very beautiful for 69, but come on. Really? What do YOU think?

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